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Psychosexual Specialists

The term 'Psychosexual' simply means 'sexual matters related to the mind'. All the therapists listed here are specialists in psychosexual disorders and have undergone thorough training with Terence Watts personally. They all carry professional indemnity insurance and abide by a strict code of ethics, so your confidentiality is completely assured.

Fees: All therapists run their own practices and it is not possible to state definitive fees. If you contact any one of them, they will be happy to discuss fees, numbers of sessions and so on (all can provide brief therapy) and most will offer you a no-obligation initial assessment; there will be no charge for this if you elect to undergo the recommended therapy.

This is a partial listing of our therapists; the full listing will be available soon.

We no longer maintain our listing of psychosexual therapists at this location - they are all now listed at our training school: The Essex Institute