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Pelvic Steal

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Pelvic steal mimics Penetration Anxiety so well that some GPs may be led into referring the patient for psychiatric or psychotherapeutic help. There are vital differences, though, that allow us to differentiate between the two; in the case of Pelvic steal, the male experiences only the lowest levels of anxiety (if any at all) and is able to penetrate with no problem as long as he is laying on his side or his back. The problem is circulatory; when he gets on top of his partner, the large muscle groups at the back of the thigh need more blood and literally steal it from everywhere else in the pelvic area, including the penis. This is more often than not the result of aging and/or Artherosclerosis and can be bought about by heavy smoking. Surgery can sometimes provide considerable improvement and psychotherapy can provide a helpful boost to confidence.

The Answer
It is possible that medication like Cialis® (Tadalafil) and Sildenafil Citrate (marketed as, among other names, Viagra) can provide a boost, though this may only be short-lived. The problem is physical and surgery really offers the only true hope of a return of sexual function.

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